Reykjavik in notorious for it's diversity in Bars, restaurants and Nightclubs. You'll find various national bars like the Danish bar, American bar, Icelandic bar and English bar. One of the hottest bars at the moment is Lebowski bar in about 20 minutes walk away. It is a recreation of sets form the cult movie Big Lebowski. It's famous for its selections of White Russian cocktails and 80's music on the dancefloor. Another bar that recreates sets from a movie is Dúfnahólar 10 recreating sets from the Icelandic cult movie Sódóma Reykjavik and focuses on capturing the mood from the most famous party in Icelandic movie history. Dillon and Bar 11 are the hottest rock bars and if you're looking for a more fancy place B5 and Austur are the bars for you and the hipsters love Kaffibarinn to name a few. You will definitely find something for your liking in a short walking distance from Galaxy Pod Hostel!

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