How do I get from the airport to the hostel?

We recommend the Airport Direct with Reykjavik Sightseeing. They will drop you off directly in front of the hostel.

Here is the description of their service with the hostel drop off from their own website :

Your Arrival at Keflavík Airport

Upon arrival at Keflavík International Airport you will find our service desk outside the arrivals hall, and our buses are situated right in front of the airport.

  • On the way to Reykjavík we make one stop, at //,-21.9109707,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x48d60caa3ece2e1b:0xa6e124c0b27689e!8m2!3d64.1114829!4d-21.9087768">Hamraborg. We end at Reykjavík Terminal, at Skógarhlíð 10, 105 Reykjavík.
  • Add a hotel connection to your booking to get drop off or pick up at your accommodation or nearest bus stop. Pick up is operated by Smart Bus, a bright green bus.
  • We highly recommend adding a flight delay guarantee in case of any delays on your arrival, in order to reserve a seat on the next available bus. In the event that you miss your departure, the flight delay guarantee means that you are entitled to another ticket to Reykjavík upon arrival.

Departure from Reykjavík

Departure from Reykjavík to Keflavík International Airport is from our Reykjavík main bus stop at Skógarhlíð 10. You can either meet us at the Reykjavík Terminal, at Hamraborg, or add a hotel connection from your accommodation or nearest bus-stop.

  • With Hotel Connection, pick up begins 30 minutes before advertised departure time. Please be ready outside your accommodation or nearest bus stop and look for a bright green Smart Bus.
  • The duration from Reykjavík main bus stop to Keflavík International Airport is 45 minutes.


Can I check in after 11 when the reception closes

Yes, you can. If you have not arrived by the time the reception closes we'll put your key card in an envelope with your name on it, along with facilities instructions and leave it on the reception table for you. Then you can officially do the check-in the next day. The code for the front door will be sent to you via email before your arrival. You can always reach us with the night emergency phone number if you need assistance:  +354 777 58 06.  This number will also be on a note at the reception table next to your envelope.


How far is it from the hostel to the downtown?

The main shopping street in Reykjavik is just down the road in about 10 minutes walking distance and the city center is in about 15 minutes walking distance. By locating the hostel just a short walking distance from the city center allows us to bring our prices down.

Where can I get Icelandic food?

The closest restaurant we'd recommend for Icelandic food is Café Loki. It's located in about 15 minutes walking distance by the famous church Hallgrimskirkja. Try the meat soup! The Grillmarket is a bit further away but they have great food and a super stylish restaurant. Þrir Frakkar is a cozy restaurant a little off the main road and not so far from Hallgrimskirkja. They have a good variety of fish courses. Fish Company is a stylish place in the city center worth checking out.

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